Nathan Kleyn

Scala by day — Rust, Ruby and Haskell by night. I hail from London.

Hi! I currently work for Townhouse as the Head of Software Development, writing Typescript by day, and Rust and Ruby by night. I write for SitePoint about Ruby, and I’m on Twitter and on GitHub. You can get in touch with me at mail/at/

10 Things, 1 Year

01 Jan 2016

As a personal challenge to myself, I am going to set myself 10 goals to achieve this year. As we all know, goals are nothing if you don’t set them in stone, so without further ado:

  1. Blog more. Start blogging regularly, and writing for personal enjoyment. Being a better writer makes you a better coder, so embrace it.
  2. Read more. You picked up some books in the later half of last year that have collected dust for some time. Keep up the reading and get back to the old days of reading quietly before bed instead of staring at a screen!
  3. Keep learning more about functional programming. You’ve come a long way and are doing functional programming every day at work and at home. Don’t stop learning: keep looking into new things, and discovering more about the theory behind it.
  4. Do more with Rust. Rust changed everything by challenging the notion that a programming language had to be slow to be safe. Keep writing open source projects in and learning about Rust as often as possible.
  5. Double down on Haskell. Haskell is an amazing language, try to write more with it.
  6. Attend some meetups. Try to attend some programming meetups, perhaps about Rust, Haskell or functional programming!
  7. Start writing creatively again. Once upon a time you used to write for fun, but the pen
  8. Geocache more! Try to find more geocaches this year than last and in the process discover places you would never have found otherwise!
  9. Spend more time with your family. Make sure they know how much you love and care for them, and how important they are to you. Don’t get carried away working or studying and forget to find time for them.
  10. Marry the most amazing girl in the world, Kitty. In July, you’ll say your vows — make the most of it, and make sure she knows how happy she’ll make you for the rest of your life.